Heartbreak II

|| Noun || This second one's too much like the first Sets the blood racing and veils the mind in a chasm Does one trust in nature or in oneself Or perhaps a mere display of false dichotomy between the two? He is cynical and he is kind  He is ugly and he is night … Continue reading Heartbreak II


Missed Opportunities

_________________________________________________________________ You drift inevitably from some as new relationships are forged, but how we truly regret the ones that are lost to timing are the people we can never pass off as 'just the past'. "You need chemistry and timing, but timing's a bitch, and now the chemistry is lost." - 19.08.2015


|| Noun || I keep dancing with the devil Losing my sums and gaining blight; Though nearing my dear friend Madness, I do not fight. I go in with my arms open, I'm going in with my own dim light. - a.h. ________________________________________________________ Lose yourself, it's perfectly alright. However dim it is, that inner shine… Continue reading Inside


|| Noun ||  _______________________________________________________ It has been a stressful start to my senior high life in school --- things haven't worked out well at all. Just when you think things wouldn't get any worse, it just spirals downwards like quicksand trying to pull you in. I'm exhausted.  "  They say to try your best, but what… Continue reading Thoughts