The 21st Century Decline #139 By: MICHÆL T. COE

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The 21st Century Decline #139 By: MICHAEL T. COE

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Letter, page 5

Hearts Aren't Just For Beating

11/2/2014 11:39PM

I recall no time or place or anything aside from where you stood in front of me — I remember no action or words or anything aside from my shortness of breath and my heart beating its escape out of my chest. The tilt of my head must have been due to the awe of my sight and the blur of your face must have been the dizziness behind not believing my eyes. There you stood in your beauty and your grace looking to me in that white and gray haze, but my memory is beginning to fade with every moment I can’t look at your face. I wish I could relive that blurry and motionless place just to feel another moment of such euphoria even if it may be only in sleep. You’ll have to forgive me when we meet because my eyes will not quit until…

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Letter, page 3

Hearts Aren't Just For Beating

10/5/2014 10:48 PM

I hope you are doing well tonight. I am sick and it has made me wonder about you, my eyes are tired, my mind is restless, my body aches, my heart beats slowly, and my breaths are shallow — maybe you’re with me tonight because you’d do the opposite of all of that. I can feel the excitement come to my eyes at first sight, the peace of mind brought by your warmth beside me, the soothing touch of your hand on my chest, the way my heart would race in diving deep into your thoughts, and the deep breaths taken inside your embrace. It’s as if my position is so far away that it has brought me full circle and I can turn around and tap you on the shoulder. I can feel you close to me regardless of how far away you are.

I can’t wait…

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